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Wang Nam Kiaw - Lake of green Water

This is the name of a scenic area with moderate climate, 80 km to the south of Nakorn Ratchasima (Khorat), the gate to Isan, as the Northeast of Thailand is called. Located near to the beautiful National Park Khao Yai at the West side and the National Park Tublan at the East side, Wang Nam Kiaw is embedded in a green mountainous area (up to 992 m, Mount Khao Lamang) with forests, waterfalls and wild animals. At the edge of Wang Nam Kiaw our family built the property
Moon and Sun Thai-German Corner
At these Internet pages we describe the property and we offer a further page, where bookings of guest rooms and tents could be performed.
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Location of the property

Moon and Sun Thai-German Corner is embedded into the landscape at the edge of the municipality Thai Samakki in the district Wang Nam Kiaw. It can be reached from Bangkok (~200 km) over Chachoengsao and Kabinburi through a 4-lane road. Only at the route Kabinburi to Wang Nam Kiaw exist 2 sections, which provide only 2 lanes. Further, Wang Nam Kiaw can also be reached from Bangkok over Rangsit, Saraburi, Nakorn Ratchasima, continuing over the National Road 304 (~250 km total distance). Here is the entire distance at minimum a 4-lane road. The last 6 km from the 304 up to the municipality building Thai Samakki have recently got a new blacktop and the last 3 km are partly a concrete road.

Entertainment and trips:

Moon and Sun is located at a lagoon of 180 m x 40 m (590 feet x 130 feet), which belongs to the property. The lagoon is stocked with fish, so that the guests can perform fishing. Further there are paddleboats andpedalboats at the lagoon for the guests. Children can get life vests for their security.
On request of the guests, Karaoke can be performed in the evening, either at the open air stage at the lawn aside the main building or at the stage inside the multi purpose room. Moon and Sun provides on request the required Karaoke equipment.

Day Trips

A day trip target in the vicinity is the National Park Tublan. The elevated lookout point Pha Gaeb Tawan allows an incredible view over the landscape of the National Park. Tublan is with an area of 2,240 sqkm the second largest National Park of Thailand. It contains nice scenery of Ton Lan Palm Groves. This up to 20 m tall type of Fan Palm disappeared in general from Thailand and grows mainly in this National Park. The palms die after their marvelous blossom, which appears after about 60 years of age.

A second day trip target could be the Wang Nam Kiaw Farm at Ban Suksomboon, which grows edible Chinese Shiitake mushrooms and other kinds of mushrooms (Japanese Yanagi, further Reishi and Monkey Head).At the integrated knowledge center the cultivation of these mushrooms will be explained. The farm sells the mushroomsto the visitors and lots of products, made from these mushrooms.

Further the environment research project Sakaerat can be visited which is located directly at the National Road 304, about 15 km in direction to Nakorn Ratchasima from the branching road to Thai Samakki. There the visitors get the impressive feeling, to experience nature instantaneous. There are many species of exotic animals like the Black Giant Squirrel, the Green Peafowl, Tigers, and Butterflies.
430 different animal and bird species have been counted in this park.
In general Moon and Sun does not organize these day trips, but we provide on request limited support to our guests.